About the Artist

Hi! I'm Yumna Aslam, the creative hands behind this shop. I primarily work with oil paintings and miniature sculptures since 2018. Originally from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, I now live in the vibrant city of Bristol in England.  

Drawing and painting has always been very dear and personal to me. I discovered my interests in art when I was around 5 years old and grew fonder over the years. Being self-taught, throughout my creative journey, I have eagerly explored diverse art forms, mediums, and styles, constantly seeking new avenues of self-expression. Finally, landing myself in oil paintings and sculptures. My goal in my paintings has been to capture unorthodox imaginations and raw emotions through surrealism.

In line to my artistic pursuits, I graduated with a BTEC HND in Graphic Design in 2022. While I appreciate and admire digital art and graphic design, my heart lies in the traditional art forms. There really is something soothing and therapeutic about using my paint brushes on canvas, sculpting with various clays and getting my hands dirty!

With the amazing support from my family and friends, I gained the courage to pursue my interests, transforming it from a childhood hobby into a little business. I hope to share this fondness with all those who appreciate art’s power to inspire and evoke emotions.

I am thrilled to navigate this creative journey with you, and hope will flourish as I continue to follow my passion. Thank you for supporting and being a part of it. 🖤