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‘Inner Demon’ Original Oil Painting

‘Inner Demon’ Original Oil Painting

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This original oil painting, known as 'Inner Demon', captures a realistic and evocative portrayal of the hidden darker aspects of human nature. Rich in depth and texture, this expressive work of art is a bold representation of the less travelled parts of the human condition, the darker side that we all hold within ourselves.

Capture your hidden side and set your inner demons free with this eerie work of art. From the delicate brushstrokes to the emotive palette of blues - its careful composition creates a vibrant and expressive piece to add to any art collection. It adds a touch of drama to any setting and is the perfect addition for any art lover, not to mention the artwork will bring an interesting conversation starter to your place.


Dimensions (L x W) : 10” x 8”

Materials : Oil on stretched canvas

Oil paint used : Winsor & Newton  

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